Sunday, November 16, 2008

Passing it on!

"Everything that is made causes us to remember." "Let us make our ancestors' known to our younger generation, allowing them to see through the eyes of our few remaining elders as they explain the use and construction of these cultural materials" (Fienup-Riordan, 1996).
This quote made me think about our ancestors and all the hard work it took to develop the culture we have today. I think we are disrespecting them by not carrying on their traditions. We are losing our resources and destroying our land because of this. When we catch and kill an animal, we have to respect its spirit so more animals will provide us with food. We have more tourists coming to Alaska every year and I don't think they have any idea about our respect for the animal spirit. I'm glad that people are teaching about our tradition and trying to keep it alive. Maybe if more people know about our tradition they will teach others who don't know about it, so they will know to respect nature.

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